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Big Bites
This is what I call restaurant experiences. I absolutely love to explore new places and see what people are cooking. So have a seat with me as I take you through a sit down meal!

Little Bites
Sometimes you just want to dash in for take out or a bit of a nibble here or there. I’ll file these quick noshes here.

Kitchen Bites
I absolutely love to cook. I get inspirations from my foodie adventures and try to re-create them at home. If you want to come along with me in my kitchen adventures here’s where you wanna be.


Soma Chocolatemaker – Little Bites

It was a beautiful weekend in Toronto! The sun was shining with just a hint of a breeze for comfort. The streets were bustling with people decked with their shades and flip flops enjoying the gorgeous weather. Because let’s be real, after this past winter’s ridiculousness (see: POLAR FREAKIN’ VORTEX!!!) I think we’ve earned this summer. Following a great brunch with fellow Belly Monster Davindra and his wonderful family we wandered down King West to people watch and find some dessert 🙂


Cheese Crisps – Kitchen Bites

I’m on this long-term journey to lose weight & be healthier and most of the time I live that life. Hold up…food lover and now food blogger that wants to lose weight? You eat the way you do on your Instagram and you think you can do it? Yeah doesn’t really gel well I know. But bam, 80lbs down (and counting) and I’m doing it. Slowly but surely.  I follow a plan but I’ve had to find my ways to accommodate me into my new lifestyle. I don’t have a sweet tooth my cravings always go into the more savoury variety.


New Menu – Fidel Gastro’s – Big Bite

I once got handed a flyer about a year or so ago. Some “Fidel Gastro” guy was doing a food pop up.  I was like “What’s a pop up?” Ah so much to learn! Time went on and as I immersed myself in the Toronto food scene more and more I kept hearing about Fidel Gastros and their ‘Extrem-O Sandwiches’ and other insanely good creations. I’ve caught up with the owner Matt Basile since then, both at his truck Priscilla and at the restaurant Lisa Marie. (noticing the King theme here?)